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A few questions

17-02-2005, 04:15
how do you really help change your country, i have not been able to do anything along the lines of this.
Who agrees with me that we should be able to wage war against other nations?
And we should be able to map out our country and place troops in certain areas? thatd be hot
Evil Woody Thoughts
17-02-2005, 04:41
To change your country, answer the Issues that you receive--responses will influence in what direction your country goes.

War has to be roleplayed in the International Incidents forum. Be sure to read the stickies in II before you say, "I n00k teh world!"

You can make whatever maps of your country that you want, make a national factbook (basically an encyclopedia about your nation), and put the maps in there. National factbooks usually go in II.