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Do You Make Your Own Pics?

16-02-2005, 01:39
I was curious who out there makes their own pictures. I can't at the moment since I have a Mac but I was hoping someone out there has a program or something that is compatible with a Mac, other than Photoshop that will allow you to make your own images.
Orioni 2
16-02-2005, 02:41
By images, do you mean maps and flags? Those are made, yes. Just look around and you will see. *points somewhere*
16-02-2005, 20:53
Obviously everyone makes their own flags. I'm talking about customized ships or planes or whatever. Also, I would like to know good programs to do so on a Mac.
Santa Maya
17-02-2005, 17:42
I make my own images from 3D models, using Caligari TrueSpace and Vue d'Espirit, like this one of my new BATTLE-class frigates:
Dunno if that helps at all, I don't know if you can get those on a mac.
18-02-2005, 23:33
That helps a lot, thanks.