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The Caprian Union

14-02-2005, 17:40
The Caprian Union is a collection of nations that are unified because of there common beliefs. Our capital city, Caprica, is located on a small island off shore of the main continent.

We have created a constitution of the Union which will ensure all members are treated the same. We have a senate in which every member state is a member of. There important desisions such as war, important issue and other things are decided. We have elections for President and Vice President of the Union. Which will actually be held this Wednesday.

If U are interested in joining The Caprian Union move your nation to our region.

And then register on our message board and post a application

Thank You
16-02-2005, 22:17
We just had our first official Elections. They were a complete success. Today we had the formation of our first political Partys. the Republicans and the Democrats :)