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regional xmls

12-02-2005, 18:27
i know some one makes weekly regional xmls
could they please provide there last one of nazi europe
White power world wide
13-02-2005, 20:35
13-02-2005, 21:44
Not weekly, but here's the latest one I have.

XML Nazi Europe, Januari 29 2005:<NAME>NAZI EUROPE</NAME>
<FACTBOOK>Welcome to NAZI EUROPE. This one of the oldest and greatest NAZI regions in NS. All alliance offers should be sent to our ambassador Adolph Hilter. Our list of Allies are in our forum.
Our Forum:
All nations are required to adopt a NAZI EUROPE flag.

-Founder of Nazi Europe- </FACTBOOK>
<NATIONS> the_new_fuhrer: night_walker: aryan_utopia: new_licentia_ambasador: nazi_communists: germaniacs: ingsoc_1984: denny_island: r_e_lee: polish_mafia_gunmen: uber_nazi: the_confederate_empire: panzerreich_314: reichstag_88: nazis_rule: nazi_hitler_iii: iguanalands: good_holocaust: adolph_hilter: no_or_fear: white_nationalist: a_dead_cat: hilters_germany: deutschereich: schutstaffel: honest_white_workers: white_power_world_wide: nazi_fashizt_usa: join-nazi-europe: goebbels_himmler: holy_fighter: hindinburg: alsaria: herladine: hitlers_paradise: imperial_mecklenburg: asozialien: nazi_hitler_land </NATIONS>

White power world wide
13-02-2005, 23:29
thanks that helped me figure out who could come back and who could not
Orioni 2
16-02-2005, 02:44
Hey there WPWW, I think your flag is offensive.