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First Reformed Church of Maxbarry

Bishop Sam
11-02-2005, 21:27
Hello! My name is Bishop Sam. :)

I want to invite you all to come and join in praising and glorifying the name of the almighty Maxbarry at the First Reformed Church of Maxbarry ( Already we have heard the testimony of a faithful sister from the region of Texas. Come to the Refomed Church today, and show your faithfulness to the powerful creator of this world. Praise Max! May the Protection of the Mods be Upon Thee, now and forever!
Bishop Sam
12-02-2005, 07:22
Fellow citizens of the world, I entreat you to join in our endless praise of the creator of our world, Maxbarry! It was Maxbarry who gave us life. It is Maxbarry who sustains all life. It is Maxbarry who protects life for the future. Praise Max!
Bishop Sam
13-02-2005, 18:08
Greetings! The Reformed Church of Maxbarry is now offering Sunday services at noon. Come by and join in praising Max!
Bishop Sam
17-02-2005, 21:42
In only a few days, our numbers have increased greatly! We are spreading the good news of Maxbarry to all the world! Join us and repent of your unbelief and immoral ways!
Mutual Liberty
17-02-2005, 22:50
I have never seen any material proof of the existance of this "max". I refuse to join your cult to worship some magical green elf.
Bishop Sam
17-02-2005, 22:56
I have never seen any material proof of the existance of this "max". I refuse to join your cult to worship some magical green elf.

Magical green elf, eh? I believe you're looking for the Reformed Church of Link, down the way... *points to the left*
Bishop Sam
19-02-2005, 06:43
As part of our continuing service to the community, the First Reformed Church of Maxbarry has built a Temple to the Mods (, a place of peace for praising and giving thanks to the Mods who Protect Our World.
Bishop Sam
20-02-2005, 20:00
Today I gave the second ever sermon in the Reformed Church of Maxbarry. Sermons will be given each Sunday at about noon. Feel free to come and join in our worship.
Bishop Sam
21-02-2005, 04:08
Greetings! Brother Bill has recently given us a testimony of his faith. I invite you all to learn from him and come to the Mother Church.
Bishop Sam
27-02-2005, 22:10
The Reformed Church of Maxbarry has now instituted a weekly pilgrimage to the Temple of the Mods. Feel free to join us in thanks and praise. :)
The left foot
28-02-2005, 21:54
The only thing i am praying for is that u are just rping this.
Bishop Sam
10-03-2005, 22:05
The following is a compilation of the first four sermons given each Sunday at noon in the First Reformed Church of Maxbarry. I have placed them here for the benefit of all.


Good day! I am Bishop Sam, pastor of the First Reformed Church of Maxbarry. Today we are here to think about the goodness of Maxbarry. Maxbarry is kind and gentle with those who follow his laws, and serves righteous punishment to those who disobey his laws. Now some atheists (those who do not believe in the power of Maxbarry), might point out that not everybody knows about the rules, and so it's unfair to punish those people. However, the fact is that it's their own fault for not knowing the laws by which our world is governed. The laws are available for all to see if they would just make the effort to find them.

Maxbarry is also very generous, giving of his holy self to create this world. He did not ask payment from us, as he could have. He simply rejoiced in the happiness he had engendered. Even though the almighty Maxbarry did not ask us to repay him for his generosity, we should do so. I encourage you to offer but a small portion of what you have to Maxbarry (and his church, of course). Should you not do good to the one who has done great things for you?

Our service is ended, let us go in peace to have fellowship with each other and enjoy that which Maxbarry has given to us.

Praise Max! May the Protection of the Mods be upon thee, now and forever!


Welcome to the second Sunday worship service here at the Reformed Church of Maxbarry. I'm Bishop Sam, and we will begin with the traditional prayer to the Mods, the Protectors of the World who were appointed over us by the almighty Maxbarry.

Hail Mods, full of pow'r
Maxbarry is with thee.
Blessed art thou,
and the fruit of thy labors,

Holy Mods, beloved of Max,
protect us from rulebreakers,
from now until the end of time.

Today, children, we contemplate the kindness of Our Lord, Maxbarry. He has graciously provided for our protection by appointing the Mods to watch over us. These Mods are generous and powerful, using their abilities to watch over us and enforce the just laws set down by the creator of our world, Maxbarry.

Some atheists (those who do not believe in Maxbarry) say that if Maxbarry is good, then his creation would be entirely good and there would be no evil in this world and thus no need for the Mods. However, the evil in the world is actually part of Maxbarry’s goodness. Without evil, we would never be able to understand that which is good, and would never understand the true goodness of Maxbarry. Without the freedom to do evil, we would be in slavery, which is an even greater evil. By giving us the freedom to do evil or good and having the Mods punish evil, Maxbarry furthers our understanding of what is good while still allowing us freedom. Truly, Maxbarry is the Lord Tetragrammaton of Our World, as the Ancients said.

Now some question the appointment of the Mods, saying that the Mods are not powerful enough to catch every instance of evil, and are thus a failure. Now I ask you…in your own lives, if you are not omnipotent, are you a failure? Is your purpose unfulfilled because you can’t transport to multiple dimensions instantly? I think not. So give thanks and praise to the Mods, for they are good.

Now go in peace to live your life of freedom and goodness as Maxbarry wants. Praise Max!


Welcome to the third Sunday service of the First Reformed Church of Maxbarry! I am Bishop Sam, the pastor of this fine Church, and today we learn about our relationship to Maxbarry.

As Maxbarry is the creator of Our World, which we are allowed to dwell in due only to His benevolence, we owe Him all we have for this great gift of life which He has bestowed upon us. It is because of Maxbarry that have life. It is because of Maxbarry that we can move about freely and enter into joyous relationships with the many other persons who dwell in Our World. So do not mutter or grumble among yourselves because your lives are not perfect, and instead be grateful to Maxbarry that you have life at all!

In the spirit of being grateful, give praise to Maxbarry and thanks to the Mods that He appointed to watch over this world. Now let us come together and pray in the traditional manner to Maxbarry.

Glory be to Maxbarry, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Praise Max!

Next week we will hear about improving our awareness and appreciation of Maxbarry in our personal lives. Now our service is ended, so go ahead and enjoy the donuts in the fellowship hall.


Welcome to the First Reformed Church of Maxbarry! I am Bishop Sam, pastor of this church. Today we hear about our relationship to Maxbarry.

When considering your relationship with Maxbarry, remember these things.

1. That all relationships need communication to be successful. What do you think would happen if you never talked to your spouse, mate, or family members? You wouldn't have a very good relationship, of course! So pray to Maxbarry and let His presence fill you.
2. That Maxbarry is responsible for the creation of Our World. He is the one to whom we must be ever grateful for our life and our freedom, so express your gratitude to Him in prayers of thanksgiving.
3. That Maxbarry, just like the rest of us, deserves to have fulfilling relationships with others. So pray to Maxbarry and listen to His words in turn.

In order to facilitate our growing relationship with Maxbarry, we end our service with a traditional prayer that emphsizes the relational nature of Maxbarry.

We come together in the name of Max, and [violet], and SalusaSecondus. Go in peace with your Brothers and Sisters in Maxbarry. Praise Max!

As usual, refreshments are available in the fellowship hall. Feel free to join us there.
Bishop Sam
26-10-2005, 17:12
The Reformed Church of Maxbarry is reopening! Come and join in our fellowship today.
United Island Empires
26-10-2005, 18:26
Has this been wikified?
Bishop Sam
26-10-2005, 18:37
Has this been wikified?

OOC: I did a search for "Reformed Church of Maxbarry" and got no results.
Bishop Sam
23-06-2006, 10:41
Once again, the First Reformed Church is opening and welcoming new members. Come and praise Max, for he is the creator of our world!