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Looking for region???

09-02-2005, 23:43

If you are a country,which is interrested in less civil rights, less political freedoms, a efficent national an regional economy and a strong UN membership our region will be the best for you.

"The Free States of Tabago" is a union of dictatorship countries. The aim of all members is to guarantee the peace in their region and defend the confederation against hostile ideas.
We want to play an important role in UN politics. It´s our aim to support resolutions, which gives the confederation more power to control not only their citizens but also other countries.
Our aims will be achieved with all aggressive possibilities of the memberstates.

Please write back

Yours Sincerely
The Leader of Vanazu
09-02-2005, 23:46
Looking for region???
no, but thanks anyway
09-02-2005, 23:46
spam Sucks
Lunatic Goofballs
09-02-2005, 23:48
You guys want to buy some trained guard skunks? :)
You Forgot Poland
09-02-2005, 23:49
You're looking for a region? I've got a great one here, population, me. If you want to join, I'll need to see a resume. It wouldn't hurt your chances if you stapled a twenty to it either.

Oh, wait. You want me to join your region.


Get off my lawn.
10-02-2005, 00:22
This should be in International Incidents.....