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A People's War leads to the creation of a Worker's Paradise!

09-02-2005, 16:00
A Popular Revolution leads to the creation of the People's Republic of Leniniskova! Leniniskova is a small country (about 6 million people, who are mostly working class and peasants) that has thrown off the chains of colonial oppression and has established a People's Democratic Dictatorship which the Working Class and peasants administer their country through the Communist Workers Party of Leniniskova.

The Working class and peasants are lead by their Glorious Party and the World-Esteemed Leadership of Marshal Xian Sun Li. Marshal Xian is also the Supreme Commander of the valiant Revolutionary Armed Forces who carry their country's Crimson banner and proudly defend their Socialist Motherland.

The people of this country, who are living happy lives in the embrace of the Party and their Beloved Leader, Marshal Xian Sun Li, have pledged to defend their Socialist Motherland to the last drop of blood from Imperialism and also from the overthrown and completely disgraced aristocracy and domestic reactionaries!

The Communist Workers Party of Leniniskova under the wise guidance of Marshal Xian Sun Li leads the struggle of the Peasantry for Land and Agricultural Reform. The Revolutionary Armed Forces are armed with the theoretical foundation of Marxism-Leninism are serving multiple roles in the building our Socialist economy, their first work being to defend the People's country from the Imperialists and their domestic toadies; Their second work is the building of a modern Industrial Socialist economy; and they are also instrumental in the struggle for Land and Agricultural reforms.

The Party also announces that education (guarantees a free public education to all; from pre-school through University), free universal medical services and employment are now guaranteed as Rights. Living wage pensions for retirees and disabled, as well as living wage unemployment insurance are also guaranteed to all.

We invite all Socialist countries to unite together to fight the Imperialists and Reactionaries and work to establish a peaceful and democratic world for all!
Ambassador Zo Sun Il
UN Ambassador of the People's Republic of Leniniskova
Member of the Central Committee of the CWPL