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These f****ng taxes

07-02-2005, 22:59
My state is supposed to be ruled like a company-friendly pro-capitalism country where only the dollars counts. However, it doesn´t matter how much I try to keep up this pro business attitude, because the tax continuesly rises.

When I started to RP my country the income tax was around 25%. Today it´s 45%! I feels pretty pointless to RP my country if the taxes are going up anyway, even if I try to avoid it.

Admin: What the hell should I do? I know that the creator of this RPG is pro-socialist but just because he is it, I don´t want to be forced to RP my country as a communist state.
07-02-2005, 23:29
It all has to do with how you answer the issues. Each time you answer an issue that requires funding to solve the issue your taxes will go up. If you stop funding things people want eventually your taxes will start to go down.
07-02-2005, 23:45
Yeah, but i wish you could set your income tax rates.
1 Infinite Loop
08-02-2005, 07:00
I quit worrying about my income taxes a long time ago, cause everytime a
"Liberal" UN resolution passes it drives my taxes back up cause , , well I dont feel like ranting.
Evil Woody Thoughts
08-02-2005, 10:33
Be really picky about which issues you respond to. Here are the two known tax cuts that I've managed to figure out:

On the issue about political sex scandals, pick the option to cut taxes as a distraction. Taxes will decrease 1%.

On the issue where poets and artists ask for government funding, pick the option to cut subsidies to ALL special interest groups. Taxes will decrease 7-9%.

Note that if you answer more than one issue at once, one issue can counteract the other. Setting issues to two per day means you will get these two issues sooner, even if you dismiss 95% of them.

It's gonna take a lot of waiting though. I've cut my taxes from 95% to 68%, but that has taken nearly 2 RL months. I really wish I would get that poet issue. Dammit, I want it NOW! :)

A few issues will allow you to improve your economy (such as the Supreme Court nomination--pick the pro-business judge, or the issue about compulsory organ donation, pick the option where organs can be bought, or the issue on cold-calling, pick the option to legalize it) and won't change your tax rate at all.

If you want to improve your economy and lower taxes at the same time, dismiss EVERY SINGLE ISSUE OTHER THAN THESE FIVE. Even the ones that look like they'll improve your economy are often tax hikes in disguise, because a tax hike is necessary to pay the hidden corporate subsidies.

Hope this helps :)
08-02-2005, 10:55
Gee, and we went from 66% to 28% in less then two weeks... :D

And we didn't dismiss anything.

Every issue has at least one answer which does not affect, or negatively affects your tax rate. Some have two or three which do.

Some "earners" actually dropped my tax rate (wow!). I think the beach was one of those....