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The League of Small Regions (Updated Recruitment Drive)

07-02-2005, 18:27
The League of Small Regions

Welcome to the thread on the League of Small Regions.

Our Organization is looking to expand our membership and increase activity by recruiting new Small Regions. If you would be interested in joining your Small Regions into our coalition please read below and visit our forum. We would be delighted to have you, and will strive our hardest to help your region grow.

A "Small Region", for the purposes of this League, is defined as a Region with ten Nations or less.

Regions in the League help each other grow, by attracting new members to each Region (if the Region so desires).

Regions help to endorse proposals presented by other regions in the UN.

Regions have economic and military aid from all other members of the League.

Regions are allowed to grow and have more than ten members after their admittance. This will increase their responsibilities within the League, particularly towards smaller members.

Any Region interested in joining should either post on this thread or, send Hakopam, Kenacho or Dhulus a telegram or post in the Introduction board at our forum.

Also, if you are interested, you may become a Watcher, at first, and observe the goings-on of the League before joining full-time. All you have to do is ask to become a Watcher.

Feel free to register in the forum as soon as you can. We are always in need of new active members, so we can have a more varied assortment of ideas.

Current Members:

Blank Page Empire
Coalition of Fascist Vegans
Democratic Enlightenment
Isle of Pacifistic Atheists
Leptavious Mount
Morbid Region
New Aldaran
Pervert Warrens
Seeds from the Great Trashball
Skies_The region of
The Corruption
The Dominion
The Domain of the Time Lords
The Free
The Ns Elite
The Promised Land of Bob
The Social World Alliance
Unified Democratic States

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Check the Constitutional Code of the League by clicking the link below.
The Constitutional Code of the League of Small Regions (