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Join this Region now before there is an election!

06-02-2005, 23:37
I am here on business and on tour from the region of Eastern Suburbs! It is a fairly new region in NationStates and we want to make it one of the best. However, WE NEED YOU!

To make this great we need more nations in our region and some Government positions to be filled. This is because elections are in around 2 weeks! If you are interested in filling a position, please come and join our region, or if you just want to be a part of our community, come and join us.

Also note that East Suburbs (will) have a regional member to the UN, however it is up to you if you want to join the UN or not. (Most members here are not part of the UN)

For more information or help, TG me or check out our new forum here (

If all this doesn't interest you to join our region, then we just note that there will be a gmail give away ever week (If you are a member).

President of the Republic of Heati
Heati is a Member of the East Suburbs Region