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People Are The Core

06-02-2005, 17:13
I just created a new region. Please check it out and join up if you are interested. Here is the description and guidelines.

This region is founded on the principle that people are always the most important factor, and the core factor of, every issue. We Believe strongly in civil and political rights and freedoms.

1. All member nations must maintain atleast a good rating on Civil rights and Political Freedoms. Freedom of speech is an absolute must. There can be no exceptions to this.

2. Your country cannot be oppressive in any way. People are the core of every issue and must always be given the highest amount of consideration when deciding issues.

3. U.N. membership is not required, however, if your nation is a U.N. member, it is asked that you endorse the regional delegate.

Those are all the requirements as of now. More may be added later.

(If you need help in changing/joining a region, just send me a telegram or check out the FAQ)