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Join the Alliance of Like Minded States Today!

New Ohlendorf
03-02-2005, 05:20
The Grand Chancellor and Councilors of the Alliance of Like Minded States cordially invite you to consider joining our Alliance. The Alliance of Like Minded States is a conservative alternative to the United Nations. It was established in January of 2005, with the goal of securing peace, defense against invasion, an economic free-trade zone, and the basic human rights granted by God to all mankind.
If you are share our love of individual liberty, free trade, and security against invasion from a foreign power, but do not want to weaken your nations sovereignty by joining the United Nations, than the Alliance may be for you. Why should you join the Alliance instead of the United Nations? Because we have an established Constitution that guarantees not only that you will have an equal share in the governing process, but that you will never have to give up the personal sovereignty of your nation.
Of course, not everyone can join the Alliance. The Alliance is composed of an elite group of nations that are all equally conservative, and that all share an intense love of liberty and personal freedom and the desire to secure these gifts. Because the Alliance is so exclusive, unfortunately you cannot just move to the region and join up. First, your application will have to go before the Council for a vote. But, in most cases, this process should take no more than 48 hours.
So, do you want to have the security of being in an alliance of world powers, but don’t want to subject yourself to the liberalism of the United Nations? Then the Alliance of Like Minded States is the perfect fit. Contact us today, at and one of our representatives will get back to you with more information within a few hours!