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02-02-2005, 23:14
Not sure if this belongs in the tech forum, but I don't think its exactly technical so I'll try here.

Well I wanted to try to make my nation an anarchy. When creating it I selected anarchic for my government. When my nation was created it was a dictatorship basically the exact opposite of what I wanted. Now I figured maybe I could get it changed by always agreeing with things that gave people rights on the issues since an anarchy lets people do whatever they want. All this has lead to is becoming a benevolent dictatorship. Will I ever become an anarchy if I keep doing this? If not, is it even possible to become an anarchry? If so how would I got about doing it?
02-02-2005, 23:18
Hmm, I've had problems with this myself. My nation was a libertarian nation to begin with, but my personal politics changed and I wanted to change my nation to relfect that. Unfortunately, all I've done so far is manage to change it into a "New York Times Democracy".

03-02-2005, 00:05
Merely selecting anarchic when creating your nation is not enough to get the UN classification of anarchy. How you answer the initial questions, and the daily issues play a big role. It looks like you have taken a pretty limited stance on political freedoms. That is how you got the benevolent dictatorship classification. Just keep trying to give your people more freedoms (specifically political) and you will get the anarchy UN classification.
03-02-2005, 01:06
There is a spectrum that applies when they give you the UN classifications. At the highest end of political and civil rights freedoms are the classifications "Left-Wing Utopia", "Civil Rights Lovefest", and "Anarchy". Work up your civil and political freedoms to get into that general spectrum. At that point, the only difference is the level of economic freedom. Granting more economic freedom (without compromising the other two) will push your nation toward anarchy. Granting fewer will push it toward the left-wing utopia. Personally, I've always hovered in the middle and so tend to hover at civil rights lovefest. But doing things like abolishing the minimum wage, though it'll push you more to the anarchy side of the equation, can also hurt your civil rights. So it's a bit of a juggling act. Personally, I tend to pay more attention to the Civil Rights, Economic, and Political rankings than the UN classification. I find it more indicative of what kind of nation you have than the UN classification. Pay attention to those and put them in line as to where you feel they should be and the rest generally falls into place.