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The Tribes of Sailing Anarchy

Maritime Eastport
29-01-2005, 00:32

The newly formed Tribe of Sailing Anarchy Nations extends it mug warmly to other nation states. Feel free to cast your ship upon our shores, just be sure to be ready to surrender your rum supplies. If you happen to be low, we'll restock yours before sending you back to sea.

-- The Captain
The Armed Republic of Maritime Eastport
"Good Dog, Good Boat, Good Beer, Good Life"

The Tribes of Sailing Anarchy
World Factbook Entry: "Where The Status Quo Blows"
A collective of independent but like minded nations who have joined to further the sport of sailboat racing via the efforts of their bikini clad sailing diplomatresses or using its strong naval fleet. Externally they present a unified front but within they disagree on nearly everything. Often found working furiously on their craft of sport or war, they are quite friendly but seem to become very irrational when near bright orange floats. Rum is the national spirit.