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24-01-2005, 19:28
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The Allied States of Euroislanders currently has vacancies for the following positions:

Capitalist Advocate:
You will be responsible for activity on the forums by frequently interrupting threads with unsubtle right wing propaganda, a thick skin will be required to provide protection from the forum regulars.

Religious Fanatic:
Responsibilities include taking flak, collecting personal abuse and being reduced to tears.

ADN Defenderer:
The ideal candidate would be unable to comprehend criticism and be able to reduce any discussion into an US vs THEM position, candidates should always remember that anybody that disagrees with them becomes an 'Invader' by default.

Loose Cannon:
Always a popular position this career includes travel to other regions, making impromptu alliances and declaring wars, at home you will be required to spambomb the forums and RMB with a minimum of 15 posts a day, at least one of which should be a poll to quantify your perceived sanity.

Strategos Rantos: "Licenced to Rant"
You will have the full run of the forums to hunt your quarry; the weak, the dumb as well as people you've decided not to like, your mission is to hold grudges and end debates with a final deeply offensive rant, Only the very finest of candidates have a chance of becoming a Rantos.

If you are interested in these or any of the many other positions available please move to the ASE and submit a written application on the forums. The ASE is an equal opportunities employer.

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(PS this is a piss-take. We are looking for members however, so pop along if you'd like to try out the ASE)

25-01-2005, 00:47
I'll go for Strategos Rantos. That sounds fun, man.
26-01-2005, 01:11
Something tells me you'd fit the first three positions as well, Maniaca.
26-01-2005, 22:03
Something tells me you'd fit the first three positions as well, Maniaca.

I hope you're not criticizing me. Because I can't, I WON'T take that! What, you think you're better than me?! Well, you're ugly! ;)
27-01-2005, 10:47
No Strategos Annoying-os? Damn shame, you had me interested for a moment :P