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Come to me, my minions, er, fellow nations!

21-01-2005, 19:04
The Confused Vortex of Pojonia ( is becoming more and more active in the United Nations, and I'm currently attempting to introduce proposals on reforming the Global Library as to my own twisted ideals. In addition, The Dark Realm of Unnormalcy, my region, has suddenly run out of applicable nations to support me. I need the assistance of one additional U.N. member before I can introduce the repeal that gets the entire process moving (see the U.N. Forum, Reforming the Global Library).

That being said, the Dark Realm is open to anyone who wishes to stop by, being of completely infinite space and a rather tricky dimensional nature. I can't guarantee your sanity will remain intact during your stay, but I'm told the effects aren't lasting if you choose to leave.