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bleedy heathen warfare!!!!!

21-01-2005, 18:50
all i want to know is how to get into the whole warfare thang!! i want to fight i want to gut some bleedy swine!! HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP :) :headbang:
The Zoogie People
21-01-2005, 20:04
First rule of roleplaying and forum-posting in general: don't use excessive smilies, and don't use AIM speak. Type coherently, gramatically correct, capital letters in the right places, etc.

Best advice: read the stickies and look around in the International Incidents forum to get a feel for the other roleplays there. Everything is freeform. It's like writing a story, except with your nation's made-up characters and made-up military.
22-01-2005, 17:35
It would also be worth noting that, there are rules governing what is and is not acceptable to write in postings.