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Looking for new region!

New Almendrastan
21-01-2005, 02:52
The peoples of New Almendrastan have grown tired of our current region and wish to move to a new one. But there are so many! So if any diplomats want to send New Almendrastan a telegram inviting them to the region, that would be most appreciated :) . Im looking for a region that RP's, has fun and is active in the forums yet doesnt demand its memebers to be online all the time. Looking forward to your invitations.
-Prime Minister Francisco Almendras
New Almendrastan
21-01-2005, 04:17
Gaian Ascendancy
21-01-2005, 05:55
The Ascendancy welcomes your noble nation into the graces of the Eternal Dimensions Region.

We hope that our region will uphold the ideas that you are looking for. The Factbook of our region speaks for itself, as does our own independent Forum to adress not only NS issues, but for RL fun as well.

We hope you, and anyone else reading this will look to Eternal Dimensons as an option, for our newborn Region has much to offer those that wish to make of their nation, into the image of our Region.

Lord Excellency Aleaic Saloam Kerensky
The Holy Republic of Gaian Ascendancy
21-01-2005, 06:15
Open channel

To: New Almendrastan
From: Vrak Diplomatic Corps
Subject: FKC regional advertisement – standard 1

Hello New Almendrastan! So you’re looking for a region, eh? Well look no further because right now, you can join the Klatch! No tricks, frills, or gimmicks. You can airlift your nation over to the wonderfully bizarre region that is the Federated Klatchian Coast! All at the click of a mouse!

But, we know that changing a region is a big step, so we invite you to take a look at what we have to offer.

Our web site (including map) is here. (
Our forum is here. (
Check us out and if you like what you see telegram the Diplomatic Corps. Someone will put down their vodka and respond – since you need a password to join the FKC.

Close Channel

OOC: We’re much more into the role playing side of things, not the “crash a region and take control of the delegate” style of play. Any and all kind of tech levels are fine, but many of us are modern tech.