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Nation Managment (Trying to lower/raise freedoms)

19-01-2005, 22:11
I'm trying to become a FMP from a Capitalist Paradise. I know I need to lower civil rights, maximize my economy, and maximize political rights. I was wondering if some nations can help me with the results of these event choices?

Issue 1 : Cutting off Sex Offenders

Choice 1 : Castrate them
Choice 2 : Rehabilitate them
Chocie 3 : Force them to work for corporations

Issue 2 : Abortion
Choice 1 : Allow Abortion as a right
Choice 2 : Outlaw abortion except for rape and a mother's health
Choice 3 : Outlaw abortion in all instances
Choice 4 : Abortion should be used as population control

Remember, I'm trying to drive down civil freedoms while keeping political freedoms up.