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Freedom from Oppression and Tyranny

Santa Barbara
19-01-2005, 19:41
So many recruitment spams. So many recruiters.

So many dictators looking for people to oppress.

Well, if you want to join Region_X, becoming a nameless, faceless member in the glorious Army of Region_X, and spend all your time hating Region_Y, and become a subservient and good citizen of Region_X and patriotically hail Region_X's leadership every few seconds, go ahead.


If you think you know how to run your own NS.

If you value sovereignty.

If you value freedom and liberty.

If you value the rights to make your OWN decisions.

If you want everything you already have, and the freedom and strength to keep it.

Then, the region you want is not Region_X, but the Free Trade Zone (!

I'm not a dictator. I don't want to "recruit" you. I am not looking for yes-men, croneys or henchmen. I want you to simply consider joining the Free Trade Zone as a good region to be in.
20-01-2005, 11:23
Or if you ar a dictator and hate seeing your people happy, come join us.

The Oppression