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Broken Blade
19-01-2005, 16:04
A safe haven region for those dedicated to human rights, world peace, putting an end to foreign military occupations, the abolition of capitalism, or even those dedicated to environmental concerns. This is a region free of organized religion, religious extremism will not be tolerated. We do not endorse terrorism however we do not condemn organizations that engage in actions of civil unrest which some would classify as terrorist or "pre-terrorist" activities. The region is compirsed of two nation The People's Republic of Broken Blade, and The Free Land of Broken Blade Citizens and is open to other activist nations.

"The people untied will never be defeated!"
Broken Blade
19-01-2005, 17:01
Andrew sat quietly at his desk starring akwardly at the press release and attached document infront of him. The release explained how Bayer had bought the rights to distribute a new drug in Europe and North America. The drug, Sativex is a whole plant marijuana extract, delivered in a sublingual spray. Attached to the release was a proposal from Bayer for the rights to distribute the drug in the O.F.S.

*slides a filing drawer open from his desk, pulls a soda cap sized bud from the paper bag in the drawer and begins breaking it apart*

A short distance you could here the union strikers marching on Banner St. He knew this proposal meant trouble. Not wanting to deny people the medicinal effects of smokeless pot and in no having a desire to support big buisness in other regions he was torn. After all in PRBB private enterprise is outlawed but freedoms reign.

*inserting a rolled cardboard filter in the end of the joint he completes the roll. cchik... crackle, hissss. Thin blue smoke rose from the end of the j making Andrew notice the beams of light escaping around the edges of the Broken Blade flag hanging vertically in the window on the west of side of his apartment office in Broadview.

*taking a long pull of the joint*
Dan, we can't just dismiss this one, it's big. We can't deny people the effects of the spray but I'm not about to do buisness with a pharmecutical company or do buisness at all for that matter! Well, we'll get the press release out and...
*pausing to listen to the crowds marching below them just blocks away*

see what they think.
19-01-2005, 19:33
*Office phone rings once then goes to the answering machine*

"Good day. This is Ambassador Bonheklem of The Empire of Riemmenholm we would like to announce that due to the lack of head way made in recent union strikes we will now be funding The PRBB Home Builders Guild and thier campaing. We look forward to negotiations. For Men, For Honor!"

*click... BEEP*
Broken Blade
20-01-2005, 00:03
The PRBB Elected Representative Committee and the Home Builders Guild along with Ambassador Bonheklem of The Empire of Riemenholm were in brief negotiations today and the results are in and under the freedom to information act transcripts of the proceedings will be released. The is no need to be alarmed with the contents of the transcript.

Home Builders Guild Demands:

The following is a list of demands as heard on this day Jan 19, 2005 by Ambassador Bonheklem, as dictated by Charles D'rapaux of the HBG. These are to be honored by the governing body whomever it may be of the People's Republic of Broken Blade. All demands concerning private funding or contracts have been thought out and researched in detail and all aspects of the private contracts have been addressed. A copy of these contracts will be sent when our demands our ready to be met.

-Maxium of 30 hours a work week.

-A pay increase from the current 15TD an hour to 20TD an hour effestive immediatly. This totals a years salary at 58,400TD sufficient for a moderate living standard.

-A Privately funded health care benefit system exclusive to guild members.

-A privately run security force installed at work sites, officers will be HBG members.

This is the first set of demands and more will follow. If our demands are not met the HBG will begin to recieve funding from private enterprises outside of the O.F.S. The security force will be installed at all work sites, guild related infrastructer, and will regularly patrol surrounding areas. The Empire of Riemenholm had dedictaed 300 troops from the 104th Shark division along with 8 Commanding staff officers to assist in enforcing and training members of the security force. Trade borders will also be opened with The Empire of Riemenholm for the betterment of the People's Republic of Broken Blade and to furthure the cause of Home Builders Guild.

PRBB Elected Representative Committee's Response:

It is an early stage in our development at this time we feel the obligation to respond to all our citizens needs. We wish to provide you with every thing you wish, that is within reason. The PRBB Elected Representative Committee brought the issue to the people and the following is the result. The "governing body" known as the people of PRBB will instate an maximum of 30 hours a work week for all occupations. Standard wage will remain unchanged. No special benefits will be awarded. We feel the existing free health care system as a human right is an adequate program and will be expanded to ensure proper living standards for all citizens. No such security force as metioned in your demands will be permitted to exist in any O.F.S. nation. Such a force would defeat the purpose of our Oppression Free States, the people will not stand for it. We will not be strong armed by a "once mighty empire" nor will we be forced into comprimising our way of life. This will be the end of all negotiations pretaining to para military forces, special benefits, or wage increase.

Andrew Jamieson, PRBB Elected Representative Committee
"The people, united, will never be defeated!"
20-01-2005, 01:04
*Dust swirled as about fifteen HBG workers rushed out of the aircraft hanger and into the open dirt field about four football fields long and three wide. The thumping of rotar blades pounded the men as three AH-88 HunkerHoller Talon helicopters made thier final descent onto the makeshift airfield. Entering PRBB airspace was simple it was totally undefended, not even surveiled. The chopper crews encountered no resistance and were almost positive they had been undetected. A tall man in a Imperial Command uniform emmerged from the shadows cast by the middle chopper.*

"Good afternoon Ambassador Bonheklem. Come with me sir."

*The HBG men started grabbing the box's and crates from the cargo netting in the helicopters and began lugging them toward hanger. The crates were a green drab and a had a black eagle stenciled on the side. Two more Talons appeared overhead escorting a CH-96A HH Hurricane cargo helicopter, they moved out over the field and hovered low over the ground. A large net filled with long poles and rolls of chainlink fell from the chopper, a second net fell containing large metal sheets and several large boxes*

"This is the our main headquaters sir."

"That's a shame, we'll remedy that. Have your men bring our equipment inside. My men have thier orders. They'll secure the perimeter and begin construction of the compound."

*The men then moved toward the large grey hanger that looked as if Soviets had transplanted it from an abadoned Afghani air-strip. Off to the left hand side of the hanger stood a small brick building missing the roof and the front wall. Just beyond the building about 2 dozen little unbleached canvas tents dotted the field. The scene was reminiscent of a prison camp and brought the Ammbassador back to his joy filled days of running the Gulags. By midnight the troops of 104th Shark had build six small gunposts surounding the camp and all of the equipment had been secured and accounted for.*
Broken Blade
20-01-2005, 14:36
ooc: inventory the equipment you landed with or you can't use any of it. Your equipment cannot contain vehicles seeing the method of delivery(cargo net drops, boxes light enough for personel to carry).
Broken Blade
20-01-2005, 16:28
The boys sat quietly close to the edge of the cliff in the South side hills, not quite content having nothing to do but not dissapointed being so stoned the best thing they could think to do was sit some more. The reddish-orange afternoon sun gave the landscape a Marsian look, a constant dusk. A long day of clashing with union strikers had the young activists tired the point they could feel it in thier bones.

*distant thumping*

"You guys hear that? Sounds like helicopters."
The young boy turned to face the sky behind them. His eyes narrowed, focusing on the sky. It took a moment and then...
"There! Holy f*** do you see that! There are like three of em'!"
Pulling the black rag back over his nose and mouth, he darted quickly to a pile of packs scattered on the ground and slung one on to his back.
"Get your S***!"

The boys, who had calmly been observing the first boys reaction, hadn't registered that choppers in PRBB airspace was very rare and very strange considering they had never put a thought to PRBB airspace and that PRBB had no actual aircraft of thier own. Suprised, the small band jumped to thier feet pulling on safety googles, rags, and gas masks. One of the larger boys who's reaction to the situation had been considerable collected pulled a camera from his bag and quickly began snapping shots. The choppers were well over a mile away, the boy would be lucky to get one shot you could see a chopper in. After a brief panic in getting there equipment the boys rushed for the edge of the rock face to a small crack about four feet wide at the opening. The first three young anarchists jumped down into the crevase and begane scambling down the loose rock slide to another crack in the face only this time vertical and disappeared inside. The remaining four slid down into the first crack and cramed up tight to the walls of the cavern, positive they would be seen if they made the decent to the second crack and the way home. What felt like seconds later the helicopters charged overhead filling the crevases the throbbing beats of the rotor blades. Through the crevas the group of four could see the helies continue South. The boys paused waiting to make sure that was the last of them.

"They're goin' South" a boy shouted down from the crack at the top of rock wall.

"yeah we saw. Come on, come on hurry your asses. Forget it we'll meet you back at the civil centre."

The boys grabbed some of the bicycles leaning on the walls of the bottom cave where they'd left them before. Pulling on to the trail the boys, panicing, raced thier way toward town. In the distance behing the second group could be seen biking like mad men down the trail only in the opposite direction.
20-01-2005, 17:00
The Empire of Riemenholm, Occupational Equipment Inventory
1000 yrd.-Chainlink fencing
2000 yrd.-Razorwire
88x, 14 ft.-Fence posts
16x -Chainsaw
9x, 5lbs.-Sledgehammer
9x -Spade shovels
3x -Hole shovels
1 - Hanger Kit w/o frame
8 bgs.-Cement mix
8x 10 ft.-Rebar
4x 200case.-Sandbags

100x Shraudermen, Hielken Mrk III assault rifles
4x 1000 rnd. cases, Shraudermen 45. cal
50x Mirnbaum, Bolton 9mm pistols
2x 1000 rnd. cases, Wienhemmer 9mm
50x Hatchets
50x Comabat Knives
1- AH-88 HunkerHoller Talon helicopter (4 payloads)

30x- Imperial Gaurd troops of the 104th Shark division
Ammbassador Bonheklem, Commanding Officer
30x- Stieflenk Infantry uniforms (complete)

Staple Food- 200% troop requirment for 2 weeks
Water- provided by HBG