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The Storefront Mall of Uberness

The Zoogie People
19-01-2005, 03:10
I have an idea. DGNT has the international mall (which is very nice, by the way) and another nation has a thread with a great big list of storefronts in it. The thing with the thread is it has to be constantly promoted and the author has to manually edit it.

DGNT's forums are great, but it doesn't have all the storefronts in the world either.

What if we could have one be-all, end-all page for every storefront of note in the NS world, put in alphabetical order...something that's always there, on-demand, and something that can be edited by the touch of a button. Anyone's button. <wait, that didn't sound too right>

I'm talking about NSwiki. I don't believe it already has such a page, so we could create a page where users would be able to add in their storefront/storefront mall links on their own. No advertising involved, except for NSwiki, of course. And users would be able to add themselves to it easily. And shoppers can go to a one-stop resource offering links to the storefront or mall of every owner who's listed in there, and there are an awful lot of users/visitors to NSwiki, which is already on a sticky besides.

Good idea? Yes/No? I know that faulty logic will undermine my entire philosophy, so anyone care to point that out for me?
19-01-2005, 23:04
I like the sound of that. It would be much, much more easier than having a thread in I.I. that would need to be bumped all of the time.