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15-01-2005, 23:04
Okay, here's my celebration/prelude to my question. When I started this game, I wanted to create an island nation that was about as capitaliztic as America in Max Barry's Jennifer Government. And for quite some time, it was. Then, I took a very unexpected three month long break, and was saved only by Schultaria Prime when he logged into my nation.

I came back to find a "Civil Rights Lovefest," thanks to the UN. So I went a month long campaign to bring back my country to "Capitalizm," without falling into "Anarchy." I just recently succeeded.

Now, my question is, if I'm not in the UN and ignore every issue (which isn't fun, but still...) will my country stay capitaliztic?

Thanks! And don't worry, the issues are too fun for me to ignore. :D
15-01-2005, 23:38
If you are not in the UN, and you do not answer issues, there is nothing that will effect your game statistics. That said, if you take very pro-business stances on issues, I don't think you should have much trouble staying as Capitalizt. Often the pro-business stances you take will have a hit on your Political Freedoms or Civil Rights. If you are uncertain on the effects of an issue, you can always dismiss it.
16-01-2005, 00:14
Okay, thanks. I wasn't sure if Max had put in an engine where your country changes without issues.