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Old region searches for new members

The Gulf States
15-01-2005, 20:31
The Great Plain

We don't really have any policies. Our nation barely RPs together, although we got a lot of warmongers that might help out if you ask. If you need a new home and don't want to worry about a strict region or an invasion from Belem, we're the place. We're loose enough to let you run your nation however or wherever you want.

Questions about the region or any interest in joining - feel free to contact me by TG or reply here.
The Gulf States
18-01-2005, 17:04
bump Tues 18th
18-01-2005, 21:25
I'd like to join your nation.
19-01-2005, 03:52
hmm, i might join the region. lmk some benefits, if any.

btw, im new, so if i did join, i would need someone to help with RP rules and such.
19-01-2005, 09:20
Wow. The Great Plain is old. Have you ever thought about getting a founder?
The Gulf States
20-01-2005, 02:41
Salvius: There's no real goals or objectives our region has. It's mostly just a home, some chatting in a loose relaxed atmosphere. There's quite a few warmongers, who shouldn't bomb you in RP's unless you really really really got on their bad side.

If you asked for some RP help, you *might* get some answer. The whole region doesn't tend to RP as a unit, probably not since the Spring of 2003. Although a couple members may join together in RPs.

Archiael: Well, the original founder got deleted but came back. I'm next in line. I'm not sure why anyone's got installed there yet.
21-01-2005, 00:57
if you join I won't invade you in an RP.
The Gulf States
22-01-2005, 00:40
Friday night bumpo
The Gulf States
20-02-2005, 00:18
Feb. 19 bump

I really don't want to make another topic, so here we go...