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Attack Ad Released

Adam Island
03-01-2005, 06:27
The Adam Island Times has just released an attack ad against Groot Gouda in the elections for UN Delegate in the International Democratic Union. The commercial features facts about Groot Gouda, the sitting delegate, such as how it was ranked #1 for Youth Rebellion and Tax Rates. It tells the viewer "They can't run their country./ They can't run the IDU," and concludes with the message "Vote For Change" over a shot of UN ambassador Albert Thompson standing in front of the Republic's map.

Viewable Here: AVI (

Albert Thompson has denounced the ad as "dirty negative campaigning." He and the Adam Island government say they have nothing to do with the advertisement, which The Adam Island Times claims full credit for. In his announcement for candidacy, Thompson stated "We applaud the fine job that Groot Gouda has done representing our region."