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23-12-2004, 21:31
Ok, so how do I get arms factories?
Tuesday Heights
23-12-2004, 23:27
Your role-play them. I'd suggest reading through the Stickies in NationStates and International Incidents forums.
Greater Wallachia
24-12-2004, 19:55
Just a follow up question, is there a one stop shoppping site for all the little NS extras like budget generators, proper size militarys ect?
24-12-2004, 20:23
The Guide to NationStates ( sticky in the International Incidents forum is your best bet for a one stop shop. In there, you'll run into this ( thread that links to these threads that will help you out:
Economy, Militaries, and Invasions - More things to know (
Dictionary of Military Terms/Jargon (
What Logistics is (