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Unified Democratic States Wants YOU!

22-12-2004, 20:48
The Unified Democratic States is a new region in the Nation States Universe. The by-product of a peaceful revolution, we are devout beleivers in the voice of the people, from the big-whigs down to the man who walks around talking to himself about the "war" that never happened.

The UDS is a member of the League of Small Nations(link in my sig), which has connections to many other regions if you do not like ours. We accept capitalist, communist, and peaceful dictatoships, but no racist or genocidal nations. TG me or post here if you would like more details.

Chairman Alexei Avakain
23-12-2004, 00:23
aaahhh... AAaahhh... AHHHHHHH... CHOOOO!!
bump. :rolleyes: