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I need help!

Me so be quiet
19-12-2004, 21:21
I am a new player. I joined about 3 days ago. I need help badly. Will someone help me? I need to know how to take over other regions or areas. I need help on figuring out how to improve my economy and civil rights. Please HELP!
19-12-2004, 21:31
You can't just take over other nations. Nation States is a roleplaying game, so you have to talk to other people over forums. If they admit defeat i suppose they could give you their password and then you would have complete access to it.

In order to change your nation you have to wait until issues come up. You can decide how often issues appear in the settings section.

Go get'em!!
19-12-2004, 21:54
Read the Stickies as well! They're very helpful.
Five Civilized Nations
19-12-2004, 22:26
Go here ( and read.