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New Region Opening Up!

Morbid Uprising
19-12-2004, 01:43
The Morbid Region to be specific, and its the region for YOU! New to the game? So am I! Join today, for tomorrow you'll regret it if you don't.
Morbid Uprising
19-12-2004, 02:34
come on, anybody hardcore enough to join?
Morbid Uprising
19-12-2004, 18:10
I'd like to thank two members, The Armed Republic Of Norwind and The United States of Slaves And Oppression, who joined The Morbid Region today/yesterday. Your contributions to our little society wont be forgotten
19-12-2004, 18:44
If you join this Region you will gain direct access to a great number of other Regions and Nations, whenever in need, through the League of Small Regions (