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Question about Army

15-12-2004, 17:35
Can u actually build an army and invade. I see some posts of people wanting to buy missles and build and army. can u do that or is it just in theory.
15-12-2004, 17:52
Nation States is a free-form roleplay website where you control every aspect of the military. You choose what you 'buy' or what you 'create' basically. There are many storefronts out there in which you can buy military equipment, however, you can decide to produce it yourself. To do that, I suggest doing a Google search, and learning about different weapons/tanks/artillery/airplanes, stuff like that. In doing so, you also need to at least skim a few of the stickies, so that you will get a basic understanding of how the military works.

In the middle of a war...
Example: Nation A: I launched 200 cruise missiles into your nation, state your losses

Nation B can respond however he likes, but it needs to be realistic. All of this is free-form, so there is no right or wrong answer.

Nation B: You destroyed 15 tank plants, 5 gas stations, and you killed over 3,000 people.

These are only examples, and replying with such a short response isn't the best idea, but its for you to get the gist of whats going on.

Check these threads out as well:
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and if you decide to become a terrorist nation...
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Good luck with everything!
15-12-2004, 17:54
One thing I forgot to mention is the use of 'money'. Check out the links to GDP calculators in the Guide To Nationstates thread, and that's where you can see how much money you can spend, purchasing these things. I would also keep track of what you purchase. Make it all a Word Document, or write it down, or somethin..
17-12-2004, 01:25
Great, Euroslav. You forgot to mention some things, though.

The two roleplaying (RP) forums are NationStates and International Incidents.
Use good grammar and spelling on the forums. It gains respect. Internet shorthand on these forums is technically allowed, but frowned upon by those who have been here long enough.
Those RPing examples that Euroslavia pointed out are brief to give you the point. Normally, it'd be paragraphs long.
When you RP, try to have a main character or two and give the character(s) name(s). It makes RPs much more interesting.
A good RP reads like a story written by many different authors.

P.S. I've been here since March 2003 (account recently resurrected, that's why the join day is off).

Oh, and take any roleplaying out of the "gameplay" forum. Like I said, NationStates and International Incidents are the two roleplaying forums.
17-12-2004, 04:16
One more thing to elaborate on, :p .

The NationStates Forum is mostly for individual roleplays.
The International Incidents Forum is what the same says. For the most part, it is National reactions to specific things that others do, such as a Genocide in "Nation A".

A lot of people in the NS Forum say that their RP'ing is much better than in the II Forum, but that's all for you to decide. Experiment with each forum, and see where you are most comfortable. I'd also suggest that you read a few RP's to get the idea of everything.

If you have any questions, feel free to telegram me, and I'm sure my good buddy Nanakaland is more than willing to help you as well.