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LAVINIUM - A region for young and old.

13-12-2004, 23:43
Honourable greetings

I am sure you must see a great deal of these messages, though I would indebted to you if you would consider taking a moment to read this post.

I wish to extend an invitation to you in joining the region of LAVINIUM. We are a young region, brimming with vitality and our members take an active role in the region. We have an active RP area where nations play out various scenarios and regional events, a Senate where inter-member politics, co-operational proposals are discussed and regional power is vested. This body provides equal power to both UN and Non UN members, which we feel is important in a region that promotes diversity, respect and co-operation amongst its members.

Being a region devoted to democracy our UN Delegate position is open to all and many of our members are very active in the UN. In fact some have gained respect in the member community for their contributions and bring much debate to the region.

Please rest assured also that this is not a region created by a newbie and some nations residing in the region are veteran players, though of course we also enjoy the energy of new players. We actively support them and try to make NS an enjoyable experience for them in the hopes that they too will become veteran players with a positive outlook in helping the member community.

Thanks very much for your time and should you have any questions, please feel free to send a telegram.

On behalf of the region LAVINIUM.