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Your National Sport

13-12-2004, 20:55
What's your national sport?

My national sport is swiftly carving dead animals into their component parts, otherwise known as well.... swiftly carving dead animals into their component parts. The rules are, whoever can butcher the most animals according to a meat chart. in 30 minutes wins.
Tuesday Heights
13-12-2004, 21:02
Uh, football...
13-12-2004, 22:13
Uh, football...

American or the other football?
Fimble loving peoples
13-12-2004, 22:26
American football doesn't count.

My people enjoy br=eating small children with sticks. There are prizes given if your chld grows up as a depressive or commits suicide.
14-12-2004, 17:36
Our national past time is motorcycle racing.. the MotoGP World Championship being the premiere league. We enjoy racing sport bikes across the countryside for fun, speeding across the rural countryside on designated roads is encouraged. Our year round mild climate allows for excellent driving weather and the twisty roads through the countryside are the highlight of any ride. All riders must be licensed and go through extensive classes to get their licenses hence we do not have high accident rates etc. There are a number of citizens that enjoy stunting bikes as well, but I would say the majority enjoys the races..
Adam Island
14-12-2004, 17:45

Or at least it would be if I could get XP to run FPS Baseball Pro...

UPDATE: PureSim Baseball is now a shareware download! So the glorious days of the Adam Island Baseball League are now upon us!
14-12-2004, 18:14
Snow Sking <-- most of the year
Hiking <-- summer time
Snub Nose 38
14-12-2004, 18:17
Summer - Quoits
Winter - Tiddly winks
14-12-2004, 18:47
Our national sport is a new version of bear baiting. Anyone found guilty of animal cruelty is chained in a pit so a wild bear can gore him to death to see how he likes it.
New Manifoldia
14-12-2004, 20:14
Our national sport is commie-baiting. Similar to bear-baiting, but using communists.
Grand Teton
14-12-2004, 20:19
Officially, all sorts of rock climbing, but big wall especially.
Unofficially, the local and national 'market fundamentalist baiting' competitions are fiercly competitive. The idea is to see how many times you can ridicule them in an hour. Bonus marks given for wit.
Pimpin hood
14-12-2004, 21:42
Building the most pimped out ride of course(and some amount of racing with it).
14-12-2004, 22:28
My national sport is soccer with a twist. After the game, in keeping with my nation’s economic philosophy, all the points are divided amongst the “competing” teams. :D
15-12-2004, 01:26
Hamster Racing is our nation past-time. Yes, placing Hamsters in little cars and watching them drive around on a mini track, seems to intrigue my nation.
The Parthians
15-12-2004, 01:33
Persian hunting. Basically its an ancient sport from Parthian and Sassanid Persia where you hunt animals on horseback with a bow and arrow. Nowadays, we hunt slaves and dissidents too.
15-12-2004, 01:45
Ahh, we have many national sports, such as tank driving, where a bunch of people blow each other up with tanks, or "simulated" battles, where we force convicts to rush blindly into minefields and machinegun positions to simulate a human wave attack, or sniping, where we dump a bunch of convicts and dissedents in an open field, and see who can get the most head shots.
15-12-2004, 02:11
Horse Racing,
and Camel Racing.
Though there is much gambling on American Football competitions.
Camel Eaters
15-12-2004, 02:18
Camel Racing

Bear Wrestling

Slaughter House Frisbee Golf

Poison Testing

Poking Neurotic Salesmen
15-12-2004, 03:36
The national sport of the people of Idealistea is ice hockey, although football (association football) is also popular and widely played.

We use a European ice surface (200ftx100ft, rather than the North American 200x85), the size of the goaltender's pads are strictly limited, and all tie games are decided in sudden death OT, however long that takes.

As an official sport, the national league receives government subsidies to maintain ticket prices at a level low enough for the entire nation to follow their pastime. There is revenue-sharing (meaning that the profits from all teams are evenly divided) amongst the league's 24 teams, with teams that qualify for the playoffs receiving a portion of the total revenue as prize money and the champion and finalist receiving additional bonuses. Player salaries are capped at 55% of team revenues.

The wild success of the both the hockey and soccer leagues resulted in rumors being floated of plans for an intra-regional tournament in both sports of the champions from each of the national leagues in Mediterranea, though none of the national federations will comment on the matter. The rumored championship tournaments would take place in the late spring and early summer.
15-12-2004, 03:43
Gladiator games (if we dont get enough volunteers, which is most of the time, we use the massive amounts of prisoners in our country to our advantage)

that was influenced from the past leaders Roman Heritage.

also we occasionally dump prisoners on an island and videotape them

as you have probably guessed, this was influenced by the TV show, Survivor, but our version isnt acted out ;)
15-12-2004, 03:58
Sarzonia's sports:

Football (aka association football or soccer)
Gridball (aka "American football." The official Sarzonian name for the sport is "Gridiron Football, Also Known as American Football," but no one in Sarzonia refers to it by that. Gridball is accepted in ALL references to the sport. Bills to change the name officially to gridball have always died in committee because of traditionalists who want to keep the link to the NFL.)
Team Handball
Ice Hockey
Field Hockey (there's no league; there are three professional teams in Sarzonia; two of them were semipro teams that received corporate sponsorship to pay the players full-time.)
15-12-2004, 04:31
The Imperial Football League (IFL; 'American' football) is pretty much the UEC's biggest sport......the Colerica Bowl is coming up soon, too....(the culmination of the IFL season....)
Former Knights of Ni
15-12-2004, 04:37
15-12-2004, 08:32
The main national sport is the Melee, which is basically the medieval tourny that never stopped going, where there are two teams and they go at each other (with blunt weapons, obviously). Bruises are routine and broken bones commonplace. There is college varsity play and also a semi-professional league partially paid for by the government. The players, however, don't make enough to use it as their only source of income. Players who are caught using steroids are punished by being made to play without armor (the injuries incurred usually keep them out for the season) the first time, and the second time being banned from the sport altogether.
American Football (it's called by a totally different name in Callisdrun that doesn't translate well) is played at the college level only. There are no pro teams.
Winter sports are played in all months except june, july and august.
Chess is a highly played game as well.
Grand Teton
15-12-2004, 17:53
How about playing chess using real people? This would add another element of strategy to the game. Not that I can condone that sort of thing. ;)
15-12-2004, 19:05
strangely enough, that is a major pastime among my nation's youth.
the board consists of two-meter squares, and there are a few changes to the rules:
capturing an opponet is not automatic, instead, you must enter their square and defeat them, weaponry similar to that used by the society for creative anachronism is usually emplyed, although wrestling is also popular
the game does not end until the enemy king is defeated.

our major television event is the annual jenga tournament, I must explain it is mostly an engineering challenge, because the exact size of the blocks used varies from year to year, in the past sizes have ranged from 6 nanometers to 6 meters on the long side. each team is distributed a sample block six weeks before the start of the tournament, and must construct whatever machinery they need to be competitive.
16-12-2004, 00:51
Betland's national sport is officially Ice Hockey, but we also appreciate skills in the Hammer Throw, Biathalon (national competition is a huge- the final competition is very intense in both the skiing and the target shooting events) and in competetive Weight-lifiting.

Our region has sported several regional Olympics, all of which are figured and calculated for nations who win gold, silver and bronze medals.
The Confused Cheese
16-12-2004, 01:08
Our national sport is the cheese-eating contest, which as you can guess,consists of eating cheese. There are a few categories, some of them being eating the most cheese, eating as many types of cheese as possible, and so on.
Also, there are Ice Hockey, Basketball, American Football, Soccer, and other sports. Only Ice Hockey and American Football (AKA tackleball) have their own leagues, but the others are organized and are popular throughout the nation.
Chess and Checkers are also national pastimes. They are played in leagues with tournaments throughout the season and a final tournament. :D
Tuesday Heights
16-12-2004, 01:41
American or the other football?

Soccer, known elsewhere as football except here in America. lol.

American football doesn't count.

Yes, it does. It's a perfectly viable sport, just like any other. :rolleyes:
16-12-2004, 02:09
Soccer, known elsewhere as football except here in America. lol.

Did you like my version of soccer?
16-12-2004, 02:18
Olympic Tiddlywinks
16-12-2004, 02:25
Persian hunting. Basically its an ancient sport from Parthian and Sassanid Persia where you hunt animals on horseback with a bow and arrow. Nowadays, we hunt slaves and dissidents too. :sniper: We hunt many animals. Except for birds. If anyone kills a bird, or worse a kiwi (my national animal), they are to be killed by my army of genetically enhanced kiwis!!!!!!
Crazed Marines
16-12-2004, 02:50
* American Football (We are from the South US, of course we'd like it)
* Shooting sports such as target shooting and hunting
* Creative animal abuse such as what's below:
16-12-2004, 03:02
16-12-2004, 05:38
How about playing chess using real people? This would add another element of strategy to the game. Not that I can condone that sort of thing. ;)

OOC: I've actually done that before, quite hilarious. Unfortunately, I was a pawn. Of course, we didn't kill each other or anything
16-12-2004, 05:50
Hamptonshire's Sports:

Ducal Tennis- 5 people per team, 2 teams compete. Rules are based on Real Tennis (aka Court Tennis in the US)
Sport Fishing
American Football
Grand Teton
16-12-2004, 18:10
Ever tried 'Pirate Badminton'? Only one leg and one arm per player allowed, and every time you get a point the entire team must break into pirate speak. Aaarrrhaarr and so on. Its great fun after a few drinks...
16-12-2004, 19:42
Hunting of other intergalactic species. Like the Predators.
16-12-2004, 20:12
Baseball and American football.

Nothing better in the world.
Evil Woody Thoughts
16-12-2004, 23:19
Ice hockey, with Olympic-sized rinks and rules.
The Empire of Jason
16-12-2004, 23:49
American Football
17-12-2004, 19:41
Hand-to-hand combat in all its forms, including boxing, martial arts, or pillow fighting (for children, naturally).

It builds endurance and strength, teaches sportswomanship (we are a matriarchal nation), and develops confidence. Requires very little in the way of equipment, supplies, and funding. We hold a national convention every year. Winner is awarded a metal, as well as a cash bonus if she wishes to join the military and is of age.