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My good bye to NAZI EUROPE

Good Children
13-12-2004, 15:51
To the bonafide nations of NAZI EUROPE and the Delete On Sight (DOS) NS player Puerto Centro / Hitlers Austria --

Last night will go down in imfamy as to the ultimate negative consequences for allowing a known DOS player have such a hold on our region NAZI EUROPE (NE).
That nation/player, Puerto Centro / Hitlers Austria has been strongly implicated in the attempted thwarting of my legal refounding of the region Nazi Deutschland Axis.

This is serious because if I lose the delegacy there is a high probability that the next refounder will grief the natives in order to refound the region. Such an attempt will be unacceptable gameplay in NS and I won't stand for it if I can help it.

I was first elected to my position here in Nazi Deutschland Axis by natives here. Two of them still support me as of this writing. I only acted this past evening to invite into the region The URAP and Pacific Defenders upon evidence that I received that the known DOS in NS Puerto Centro was communicating directly with Fascist Ideals regarding removing me as the delegate.

PC/HA knows that I have been more than anything a cheerleader for Panzerfaust 88 and the region beyond your justified DOS and that really bothers you. Frankly you deserved your DOS for flaming various players including your own allies way back last Spring (Northern Hemisphere) when I joined SS Nazi Europe.

I joined SS NE because I had the hope that after your virtual disappearence from NS that The Southern Empire and Panzerfaust 88 would refound our Fatherland NAZI EUROPE to make it free of your negative influence.

Alas a cult of personality has formed for you such that you remain alive and well in NS through your various zombie puppets. Your presence has not served NE nor the wider nazi / aryan world well.

Consider my nations departed from NAZI EUROPE.
I cannot remain when I see that a known DOS player is active in NationStates.

I came here to the original NDA to begin a new life. As many of the legitimate nations here know (like PF and TCE/TSE) I moved my puppet Good Housekeeping to the region months ago when TSE wanted to close out SS Nazi Europe for renovations. Then unfortunately the nation Nazi Deutschland Axis, founder of the longest and most populated nazi region of the same name in NS was deleted.

My own investigation revealed that he was deated for flaming nations outside of his region. It was the first time he did such a thing in my estimation though I could be wrong. So when asked by two natives bring about refounding the region Nazi Deutschland Axis I accepted the challenge.

Even with all that has happened I am still more than willing to give NDA2 the chance to refound the region.

Amazingly, noone else not even reportedly NDA2 (according to Fascist Ideals but maybe he was just making that up) wanted to do this refound.

So early on Sunday December 12 (Central USA zone) I became the delegate.

Back to my time in NAZI EUROPE (NE) for a moment. As PF knows, I had steadfastly encouraged a refounding of NE since the awlful gameplay of once again you guessed it PC/HA caused PF to found his region for a time Nazi Union. I am glad that TSE / TCE succeeded despite my expressed private reservations that ejecting our own nations imperiled the refounding. Fortunately for us the Mods did not listen to the head of the dreadful Anti Nazi Alliance Nolaerie for whom his ANA / KT Museums had already refounded so many of HA/PC's regions.

Alas I find myself saying goodbye to NE. As long as HA/PC is here in this forum (and how many nations here are really his I would figure about 1/2 of them the names of which I have given directly to NS Moderation.

The flaming of the nation Ubedarn more than anything propelled me to despize you PC/HA. We had the chance to have a real alliance of our regions to present to the legions of young people looking at our ideology (you hardly know me well enough to call me a Republican -- if that is the case then I am just like that Republican that almost won the Louisiana Governors office in 1991 David Duke -- whom btw is a neo nazi of the first order.

I think we all know just whom "The Village Idiot" really is -- that DOS in NS player behind zombies whom btw have been reported to NS Moderation
*set timer*
Good Children
14-12-2004, 05:48