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Granbian Summit on Abortion

10-12-2004, 18:44
Proposed Granbian Summit on Abortion (already posted in the UN Forum, but want to get the word out!) Does anyone know of any kept up news organizations that I could advertise through?

-Granbian President takes the floor-

"My fellow United Nations Allies, throughout my limited time in this organization, it has come to my attention that there is a divide running down this room. The divide isn't very deep. It isn't very wide. But it is getting bigger as we speak. We can walk over it now, but soon we'll have to jump, and in the end, no one will even attempt to make the journey across the ravine. Our nations are at war with eachother over the issue of abortion.

Yes, there is a current resolution that upholds the rights to abortion. It is my position that this resolution fully represents only some of the members of this organization, while it somewhat represents many, and misrepresents many as well. It is clear throughout the list of proposals week after week that there are many who are voicing their dissent on this topic. It is our belief that after some period of time, the movement against this resolution will gain enough strength to have it repealed, and then........ then there will be no abortion rights guaranteed whatsoever.

There has to be some middle ground that may be found.

Many of the complaints against the current abortion rights resolution come from the view of National Sovereignty. Whether this body has the right to impose this strong of a moral issue upon nations is strongly debatable. Many who support the abortion resolution now, because of their agreement with the issue, may come to see the debate, however, as one not to be dealt with by an international body, but by their own nation,and seak to overturn it.

Governments run through religious channels; countries run with strong moral convictions; these are the nations that are being repressed by this resolution. Their right to govern their own country as their citizens voice has been taken, and that is not a right that I wish to see this body remove from any nation.

-Speaker pauses for a sip of water-

Almost all nations, whether on the right side of the divide, or on the left, will agree that they understand the arguements of the other side, they just don't agree with the arguements themselves. Most are ready to compromise, some willing to listen, others looking for just that one thing that will help them decide.

My fellow Nations, before this divide grows into a trench, and that trench into a ravine, let us fill it back in. It won't look like the marble floor we all stand on and walk on together, it will still be difficult to walk over, but it will be patched, and for it this body will be the stronger.

This is what Granbia proposes:

That there shall be a Summit on Abortion held in Granbia.

That the summit shall last two earthweeks (14 days), January 2nd thru January 16th

That the topics of Abortion and Rape Cases, Abortion and Endangered Mothers, Abortion and Morality, and Abortion and National Sovereignty be debated in a civilized manner in a single place, and the spirit of compromise be in affect.

That after the two week period, a repeal of the current resolution be put forth by the members of this summit, if that is what is agreed upon, and a New Proposal that guarantees abortion rights under specific circumstances (Rape/Mother Endangerment), while leaving the moral basis to the individual nation, be introduced by the members of this summit, if that is what is agreed upon.

Every UN Nation and Regional Delegate is hereby invited to take part in these debates and polls. The end result with be a democratic representation of all members.

After some debate, the Granbian Senate will introduce a Repeal Resolution and a Proposal Resolution based on the majority of opinions of the members. Everyone's voice will count. Amendments to these resolutions may be brought to the floor by regional delegates, as well as UN members with over 500 posts in this venue, and voted on by these delegates and members. Delegates will also have their own private debating rooms, to debate on whichever abortion topics they see fit.

This is the venue for the summit:

Granbian Summit on Abortion (

Doors are locked until the beginning of the summit, but suggestions to adapt the venue are welcome on that venue's message system. Please register for this summit now, so that your places may be reserved and ready, and the true spirit of this organization will spring forth.

I urge you, NSUN Nations, to let your voice be heard. Don't let the rights of endangered mothers and rape victims fall from the law. Don't let your own nation's morals be inflicted upon. Let your voice be heard, and we will, my friends, fill that divide.

Thank You"

-Applause as the President Sits-