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Shocking new naval breakthrough...but I need help

New Kiev
10-12-2004, 07:15
Hey Everybody,

***Spoilers for Ace Combat 5***

I just got Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War almost a week ago. In the game the bad guys deploy two submarines called the Scinfaxi and the Hrimfaxi. Now these subs are amazing, they are "...submersible attack carriers."

Now I immediately remembered the Japanese attempt to deploy this type of sub ( to destroy the Panama Canal. These boats failed utterly and were long ago forgotten. I had never considered the idea until I played AC 5. And I started kicking the idea around.

Obviously, these subs would solve a standing problem with naval operational doctrine...

+the vulnerability of carriers to cruise missiles (These things if used right can a kill a multi-billion dollar CV in no time at all.)

+and given enough time, get off a hostile shore and have attack aircraft come out of nowhere. (Shades of Pearl Harbor.)

But immediately I began to think of the many and painful obstacles to this idea.

+Size (The word big isn't big enough.)

+Stealth (There is no way something larger than a Typhoon-class is going to be quiet.)

+Speed (This thing has got to be slow, unless using magnetohydrodynamic engines, ties in with above problem)

+Aircraft Capacity (To carry any aircraft at all is a problem, meaning the only planes that would be feasible would be VTOL or UCAVs)

+Cost, this thing would brake the banks of all but the largest nations.

Now, given the liberties we can take with reality in NationStates I figured I could enlist the shipbuilding knowledge of other nations.

What do you think?
New Kiev
11-12-2004, 07:43

Somebody has to be interested in this. Will try the International Incidents forum.
11-12-2004, 11:22
Really, this prolly should be in II rather then here ... you may want to go ask for a thread move ...

* And if it does get moved, the Moderator who does the deed can feel free to wipe out this post ...
12-12-2004, 04:42
It's interesting, but really it's just a waste of money.

Since missles like tomahawks and such, can be guided by a person in a safe little bunker quietly tucked away somewhere else in the world there is no real reason to have planes to begin with.

It's cool sounding and would be quite a sight from the people on the shore about to get their butts kicked. But I would say it doesn't solve any problems that a destroyer with a missle system 400 miles off shore couldn't do. Or even an ICBM if the situation called for it.

If you filled it with drone fighters like the predator. Armed with machine guns, or anti personel cluster bombs, then maybe this would be more useful. But I don't see many uses for a carrier sub.