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09-12-2004, 01:49
It scares me. I am one year old today. This nation, _Susa_, was a nation I recieved from Whittier (remember him?). My original, December 12th nation was Cottonisking, long ago disposed of by the mods. Cottonisking had just hit 1 billion pop when I was killed. I discovered NationStates on that god-forsaken day one year ago. I can hardly believe it. It makes me feel like one of the old guard. Maybe I am the old guard, it's hard to tell. When I joined, Pet and Iki threads were big, NEE (R.I.P.) was close to announcing his retirement, and the UN resolution was entitled "Hippo's are Quite Large". Does anyone here remember any of that? God, it has been so long. I feel incredibly old, and I am saddened by it. I wish the old days would come back. For those of you who missed out on the old forums, your out of luck. The old forums were a treat. The people, environment, and mods were cooler. The game was cooler. People were relaxed, focused less on politics (believe it or not), and Spam, oh Spam, was permitted in the General Forum. Word Games. Word Games. Word Games. Oh, how I loved thee. My last word game was Word Game 4, and I remember it like yesterday. Ur6 (R.I.P.) and others played the Word Games so great, it was golden, I loved all the old stuff. I loved the old forums, even when they took 15 minutes or longer to load (I am not joking about those times, for all you new guys) and while they loaded I would play pinball on my computer. It was a love-hate relationship with me and the forums, but I loved them, and it was worth the 15 minute per page wait to post, even maybe only 2 or 3 times a night. I, as _Susa_, haven't signed on the forums for a long while, and I feel like I am fading away. NationStates is just not so interesting or amusing for me, and I don't like the new forums at all. For all you old guarders, and all the old members from the old forums, keep on truckin, let's not all die. I miss the old guys so much, and I may fall prey to death from inactivity soon, I just don't know. I hope all the old guys to keep trying to make this forum and this game better, and for the mods to have the wisdom and judgement to restore NS and its forums to its previous glory. That is it, my year-old monologue. If any of you guys remember all the old stuff, just let us reminisce here.

Signing out (for a while),
Cottonisking AKA _Susa_
Hard Government
09-12-2004, 18:23
If there's one thing I find ever so slightly irritating, it's these recent monologues by players who say 'that it's not like the old days'.

If the old days were all that good, then make it like the old days, instead of launching into a over sentimental passage of rites essay about how things are not as good as they were.

It reminds of the old geezers down the pubs who lament about how things today are not like the good old days. up chimneys, kids down coal mines, Leprosy, The Bubonic Plague....the drowning of women who were suspected to be witches...

Give the new players a chance before you write an obitary for NationStates, that's all I'm saying.

That besides, Congrats on reaching a year old in NS playing. I take my hat off to you.
10-12-2004, 08:33
If the old days were all that good, then make it like the old days, instead of launching into a over sentimental passage of rites essay about how things are not as good as they were.

We're not writing obits (Do you see any summaries of expired lives?). We're writing psalms or lamentations. And about bringing back the old days -- impossible. So much of NS is the personalities of the people behind the nations. The best of the best have either expired, been zapped by the long finger of DEAT, become busy bee mods who don't have the time to post hilarious/interesting things anymore (Rep's The NS Moderator from Hell thread comes to mind), or become very, very silent. For instance, I had to do a nation search to even see that Parratoga is still alive because you sure wouldn't know that from looking at the forums.

And the NS of the old days was an Anarchy with a buggy code. It's now a Right Wing Utopia and Salusa has got the thing running along on greased wheels. It used to be fun to log on to the Technical forum just to see what bug had been discovered that you could exploit before someone patched it. Those days are gone, man, and they're not coming back no matter what we do.

BTW, Happy Birthdayto _Susa_. There are many ways to occupy onesself on NS which is what makes it the great game it is. Hope you find something that keeps you going so you won't become one of the mourned and missed. :D
Hard Government
10-12-2004, 11:31
I've heard about the old days - the population bug (I would've loved that) and so on, but what's gone is gone unless we campaign for a return of the bugs.

It would be great if perhaps some things like that were brought back, just for the kick.

I agree with you that the forums have become a right wing utopia, and I have seen some debates of late that have been very ugly indeed.

I have had a idea forming in my head for awhile now, to get the community back together:

I have heard of famous wars and battles that have taken place, well why don't we start a world war sometime next year, and invite every nation in? Not only could we make it a huge RP, but people could get to know each other more, tgs can be exchanged, advice and so on.

It's always sad to see old good players dissapear, but there are new good players arriving all the time who have potential, and the nOObs, well, they either get with the program, or they are ignored and dissapear.