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A Call to Arms Against The United Kingdom

Star Fleet Command
07-12-2004, 11:09
The Nazi Dictators of the United Kingdom

It came to pass yesterday afternoon that the Nazi leadership of the United Kingdom ejected a few Nations for what they reportedly called an attempted invasion.

This of course was blatant lies. There was no invasion, there was no war, there was nothing.

I got ejected from the Nation for publicly disagreeing with the UN Delegate, The Dominion of Neo Bretania. He had claimed that I was part of the invasion force when, in fact I had been living in peace there for months.

It also turns out that a lots of nations who had endorsed the supposed Invader also got ejected. Their only “crime” was to re-endorse this newcomer.

No discussion was entered unto, people were banned.

After he ejected and banned me from the region, The Dominion of Neo Bretania threw his dummy into the ring and in his own words “i dont care any more i step down as leader of this region.”

He knew he was wrong and there is nothing he could do about it.

It also turns out that people who had nothing to do with any of the alleged invasions or who knew anything about the situation had been ejected and banned as well.

The new delegate, The Holy Federated Republic of Estayland, has continued this reign of terror on unsuspected nations.

I implore the nations of the World to band together and rid the World of this Nazi Dictatorship once and for all and launch a pre-emptive strike against the United Kingdom before they attack other unsuspected nations and reek even more terror and genocide on the world.

It has been confirmed that this is their plans, their plans were leaked a few days ago. They will undoubtedly deny this (well, do you expect them to confirm it! – Anyone remember Saddam Hussein and his WMD?)
GMC Military Arms
07-12-2004, 11:19
Regional matters belong in the gameplay forum. Move'd.