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New Region Looking For New Nations

The Protoss Tribes
06-12-2004, 17:02
Hello everybody. I am The Protoss Tribes, and I am looking for nations, both young and old, to join my region, The Protoss Colony. It is peacful unless another region declares war on us. We will take any nation! Check out our region that so far only has 3 nations. Please telegram me to get the password to my region. ;)

--The Protoss Tribes--
Pope Hope
07-12-2004, 13:27
Are you a themed RP region?
Bazooka Romano
07-12-2004, 16:57
No, we are not. We are only here to be peaceful. You can be modern tech, history tech, or future tech.

I strongly advise for people to come to this region. PLEASE!

Bazooka Romano