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New region looking for members (Faint Sounds of Progress)

29-09-2004, 03:56
Let me ask everyone in here something. What are you looking for in a region? Are you looking for a place where you'll be required to jump at every beck and call of teh UN Delegate or Founder? Or a place where, becuase you are small, you have no voice? Are you looking for a region where the focus is teh conquring of others, with disregard of your nation? Then the Faint Sounds of Progress is not for you.

The Faint Sounds of Progress is a region, which as stated in our fact book, goes upon the diversity of our member nations as a sucess point. Yes, at the moment there are few member nations, but the hope is that it will grow. The region is center to right leaning, with an open mind regarding tech levels, religions, and government styles. Curropt dictator? Eh, no problem. Uber fanatical religious zealot? Come on in. Commie Pinko Bastard? I'll think about it.

All we require in the FSOP is decent RP skills, and ask that you be active in regional politics and events. I and the co founder, Fultonia, are working on a constitution, regional council, and the like. The position for UN delegate is, of course, open. We will also be starting a forum, and if anyone has awesome web skills, you are more than welcome to help with a website. Well, thats all I really have to say, and I hope you find what your looking for in the Faint Sounds of Progress. Enjoy, and TGram me for the password for the region.