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The big list of Photoshop/Illustrator/Bryce (and others!) Tutorials!

Holy panooly
03-09-2004, 19:03
Here's a swell list of great tutorial sites which you can use when you want to create a site for your nation, your flag (sigs are off but for your regional forum or something else), additions to your map, creating textures, making a city overview (yes it's possible), landscapes... The list goes on and on.


PHOTOSHOP <-- Very good one


BASIC WEBDESIGN - Notepad, DreamWeaver, FrontPage, GoLive... <-- Very good one <-- Very good one

Note: Bryce requires skill. This isn't the kind of program you learn the basics in 30 minutes like HTML or Photoshop. I advise to experiment with the program first in order to get the hang of it. <-- very good one

FLASH - Flash MX 2004

FONTS <-- Best font site on the whole web.

I'll update as often as possible.

Have fun!