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Lazarus: What you need to Know

Otm Shanks
19-07-2004, 08:37
As part of the new government of Lazarus, I can't help but notice that our region has always been rather ignored throughout its history. Few pay attention to it and some don't even seem to know it exists.

The New Omnivaro government has vowed to put such times to an end. We are going to go out and get Lazarus the recognition it deserves as a world-class region. So, some facts, links, what not. First off, the Lazarus FAQ:

What is Lazarus?
Lazarus is one of the seven moderator-created regions in NationStates, along with the five Pacifics and the Rejected Realms. The main function of Lazarus is as a respawning area for deleted nations; if you ask the moderators to ressurect your nation, it will end up in Lazarus.

Who lives in Lazarus?
Naturally, the bulk of Lazarus is made of nations that were respawned and that chose not to move back to their original homes for whatever reason. There are also a significant number of nations who were never deleted but simply moved to Lazarus because they found it atractive. This makes Lazarene society and interesting mix of veterans, current players, and even some newbies.

Who rules Lazarus?
New Omnivaro is the UN Delegate of Lazarus. He represents the region in the United Nations and on the world stage at large. However, New Omnivaro does not have unlimited time, and he delegates many of his functions to other nations. For this purpose, he created the Committee on Really Important Things, or CORIT. The CORIT is the ruling body of Lazarus, entrusted with taking care of foreign affairs, internal politics, and virtually anything else that comes up.

Can I move to Lazarus?
Sure! The Delegate and the CORIT are looking to build a great society in Lazarus that will win the recognition the region has always deserved. New nations, be they new or experienced, are always welcome towards this end, especially if they plan on being active forum members!

What interregional organizations does Lazarus belong to?
Aside from setting up embassies in other lands, the Lazarene government has, so far, joined only the League of the Pacifics when it comes to interregional organizations. We plan on being very active in this great new experiment.

Our forums are located at I'm sure that all questions and comments may be answered there, but I will field them here if necessary. Also, we are working on getting one of our high officials interviewed by one of the NS news services.

Long (re)live Lazarus! If you haven't heard of us, you will soon.
20-07-2004, 07:52
Very interesting. I had not heard about your government. Have you had any development in a justice system yet?