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The League of the Pacifics

Otm Shanks
15-07-2004, 06:42

This is a brainchild of Loop's that was recently set up; a sort of United Nations for the five Pacific regions, the RR, and Lazarus. Wachovia from the West Pacific (I believe) and myself are currently working on a charter for the organization, and we hope to begin official business by August.

Of course, it won't get anywhere unless the governments of the aforementioned reasons get involved. So, if you fall into any of those categories, register, become active, and urge your delegate to get involved.

It should be pretty interesting.............
Neo England
15-07-2004, 07:10
I'm very interested to see where this one takes us...
1 Infinite Loop
15-07-2004, 10:53
Hey Wachovia is one of mine. *pouts*

The League is an Idea I have been working on for quite sometime.
it has had its ups and downs in planning but I finally decided to just throw it
at the Pacifics and see how many times it bounced.

So far all seems to be going groovy.
We just have a a few kinks to work out and a few wrinkles to Iron, and a
few Cats to skin.
Caer Rialis
15-07-2004, 16:04
Cats to skin? Hey, I could use a new coat. You any good as a tailor, Loop?