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26-06-2004, 22:13
What do you think of this as a government type....unless it already exists, then please tell me the name of it. :D

Elections: The people elect a President for Life there are couple exceptions when new elections occur.

1. President dies (obvious)
2. President ruins the country to brink of harming citizens
3. At least 35% of nation call for revote.

Taxes will always be at 100% for the reason of giving the country only the best in Defense, civilization needs(includes Education, Social Welfare and Religion) , and Enviromentalism. (the taxes will be divided up accordingly). Any remaining taxes will go for luxuries, of which the people can use for whatever they want (within legality and reason).

As well as to eliminate pointless, menial jobs anyone can do. ie. Janitor, Garbage Man

Those cares will be taken care of by any off duty, non busy citizen.

I think i covered it all, please post any questions or comments here.

If this is the wrong place to put it then please move it for me. =\
Tuesday Heights
27-06-2004, 01:34
Um... interesting? Sounds like a democratic monarchist to me...
27-06-2004, 04:19
That sounds kind of like how I run MegaTokyo-3 ingame... I think it's the most efficient method of governing, because it maximizes socialism's strengths and ensures that a good leader stays in office unless he decides to resign or dies.
27-06-2004, 04:21
I guess great minds do think alike :P
27-06-2004, 13:33
Well, if you're going by NS classifications you're either a left-wing utopia (high civil and political freedoms, basement economy) or, because you elect a president for life maybe civil freedoms would be considered central making you a democratic socialist.

27-06-2004, 13:48
thats almost exactly how i run my country exept my economy style isn't rlly on the liberal side :D
28-06-2004, 05:04
Sounds like a socialist nightmare. If I were a citizen there, I'd obtain a gun and start a militia rebellion 8)
28-06-2004, 08:52
I'd like to know how you'd accomplish that against a vastly superior military force. Numbers don't matter against soldiers who can boast 20:1 kill ratios... Not to mention that that sort of action implies a terrorist threat against the government, and so you'd be singled out and eliminated quietly before your "revolution" gained too much momentum.
And it's actually a socialist state, aside from the length of the term the country's leader serves; the state subsidizes healthcare, education, insurance, and defense, and whatever's left in the government budget goes back into the people's pockets once the budgets are balanced. I see no harm in the system, aside from some initial unhappiness from the citizens as they see no money coming in for their hard work, until the government is done with their budgets. Plus with budget rollovers instead of budget losses, you can always return more one year because you didn't waste your whole budget at one time... Boosts citizen morale while keeping everything funded.

Just some idle commentary from a nation that's carefully calibrated to produce the most with the least effort. Thank you, economics, it finally came in handy. :P
28-06-2004, 08:59
Interesting government type....both socialistic and democratic in an odd limited way.
28-06-2004, 09:18
It's actually a balance between the two; hard socialism is really just communism under a prettier name, and hard democracy is just anarchy. You want freedom enough to satisfy your citizens, you want money flowing freely around without abusing anyone's rights, and you want to make sure that your citizens think that they're in control of the country's future. It's a formula that most leaders don't think about and only care about what directly affects them.
28-06-2004, 10:27
comfort zone does not require hierarchy, just infrastructure

infrastructure does require both effort and coordination

but again can be organized nonhierarchicly

hierarchies do however happen
because there is always someone not sufficiently willing or able
to restrain themselves for them not to.

that is why there are constitutions
to attempt to harness this to at least minimize its harm

the more harm there is floating arround
the more likely everyone is to run into it
and the more harm anyone causes, wether individualy or collectively
the more harm there is floating arround

whatever gods, governtments, idiologies, their forms, or anything else

this is why all soverignty is evil
all hierarchies are to some degree tyrannical

that does not mean it's all right for individuals to cause harm either

whatever else is accomplised by tearing up things or killing people
you're still left with a bunch of torn up things and or dead people

so you can either cause harm or avoid causing harm or at least reduce the likelyhood of causing harm

a popularly choosen monarchy is a popularly choosen monarchy. other nations will likely call it a dictatorship, especialy if their leaders feel they have something to gain by doing so.

democracy doesn't guarantee freedom
it only gives you something you can do about the freedoms you don't have
and gives you the opportunity to feel more secure then you might if you did not have that

it is true that representation can never be universaly accurate
but then hierarchy is mostly gratuitous whatever its form

nations make war on each other to prevent their own citizens from realizing that

what i think of a form of government matters less then the
real effects of its real policies on real people, places and things.

i don't see how some arbitrary measurement can be more valid

basicly the fewer hands power is concentrated into the more the effects of their policies depend on them as individuals. by the same token the less legitimacy to any claims of denyability on their part for them