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Map Maker Wanted For The 10000 Islands

25-06-2004, 18:29
The 10000 Islands is seeking a nation to make a blank map (can be broken up into two maps, but one is preferred) with around 150 islands. This map should be a geopolitical map similar to the map that the region of Europe uses (I am a big fan of that map).

Whatever program is used to make the blank map, it would need to be edited easily with Photoshop (especially for changing names without too much hassle).

The way this will work is that the map maker that we select will make the 150 or so islands and send us the file and then that nation would be done. From there we would take over the editing of the map, etc.

If any nation is interested in helping out the 10000 Islands by doing this, please telegram me. Samples of your map making work would also be appreciated.

Founder - 10000 Islands
25-06-2004, 20:06
Terminator 2
25-06-2004, 20:08
Is this a map of the nations of your region :?:
25-06-2004, 21:06
I have some free time, lemme take a look at the job. I'm glad its only 150 and not the full 10000 islands.

For methodology, I'd do a simple line drawing by hand, scan it in as black and white, touch it up a bit and then save it as .bmp so that it can be easily filled in with colour or have labels added.
25-06-2004, 22:53
Thanks for your telegram, Spoffin.

Terminator 2, this is indeed a map of the 10000 Islands region. So, we only have about 525 nations, but whomever we decide will make the map will at least be famous out of 500+ nations. We have been looking for a map maker for a while.