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Repeat Issues - W H Y ??

Depressed souls
25-06-2004, 17:58
I haven't even been playing that long and I have already faced one issue twice. What is the deal :?: :?: :?: I am sure there are plenty of issues and plenty of creative people to come up with more.

That's my beef.
Tuesday Heights
25-06-2004, 20:28
Actually, there's no more than 130+ issues and they are randomly selected per nation based on what government style they are running over, so, it's very possible to get repeat issues.

If you wish not to address them, just dismiss them.
25-06-2004, 21:00
I'm waiting for the animal liberationists issue to come back so that I can be restored from Capitalizt to Anarchy where I belong. Apparently it is a violation of political freedom to arrest people for theft. :P
25-06-2004, 21:01
Yep. Just be happy that there are that many. When I first started playing there were only a handful or so.
The Psychotic Rabbit
25-06-2004, 21:02
Taht and they don't accept an good ones.
Depressed souls
25-06-2004, 21:37
well, I suppose then we just have to have more people creatively writing new decisions. Even variants of existing ones might be nice but completely new and (potentially bizarre) issues would be better. Will try to come up with one of my own :wink: