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ALBERTA under new leadership, the Doors are now wide open!

The Clan of APE
21-06-2004, 02:36
I have recently aquired the delegate position for the region of Alberta.
However it is by a slim majority that I hang onto this position.
Some have claimed that I aquired the positition by region crashing, which
doesn't make any sense, since I've been in the region ever since I joined
Nation States. I just managed to aquire more endorsements. The previous Delegate stifled Alberta's growth by closing the
doors whenever he felt his power base was threatened by outsiders or if anyone spoke up against him... so I am happy to announce that

We NEVER close!
NOONE will ever get KICKED or BANNED, while I'm in power!
ALL are WELCOME and if your a UN member, endorce me, if you like what's going on...

Thank you for your time.

The Clan of APE