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New Delegate in The North Pacific

Duke of Earl
17-06-2004, 22:52
In case you have not seen, the North Pacific has a new delegate. Congratulations to UPS Rail.
Tuesday Heights
18-06-2004, 01:49
Yes, congrats all around!
Neo England
18-06-2004, 02:02
I did notice, and yeah I believe a congrats are in order :D!
Attitude 910
18-06-2004, 04:12
Wow a new feeder region delegate
1 Infinite Loop
18-06-2004, 04:23
Welcome Comrade,
UPS Rail,
UPS huh?

Question, What can Brown do for Me?
18-06-2004, 11:21
Congrats UPS Rail and may your reign be long and fruitful.

Actually, I'm a FedEx kind of dude... :wink:
18-06-2004, 19:14
I prefer the USPS myself. Yes, I know, they suck, but they are government, and that is cool!
King _Susa_
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