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Attention Monarchic Nations: Join August Dominion

16-06-2004, 02:42
August Dominion (
House of Lords: The August Dominion Forum (
August Dominion Economy Statistics (

What type of region is August Dominion?
August Dominion is a region specifically created for Monarchy. The Divine Institution of Monarchy is protected within August Dominion. Only nations with Monarchic governments are allowed. The acceptable governments are Kingdom, Queendom, Fiefdom, Constitutional Monarchy, Dominion, Empire, Holy Empire, Dictatorship, Principality, Sultanate, Emirate, and Grand Duchy.

What does August Dominion have to offer?
Joining August Dominion has many benefits, not least of which include a regional forum, an active regional goverment, other esteemed monarchic nations, a regional economy website, and the respect, prestige, and power you deserve. Also, you get to be in a mid-sized region that is growing explosively, but is small enough that your nations views can still be heard. Currently, although this number changes oft, we have 62 nations in August Dominion.

What is the forum like?
The forum for August Dominion is a professional looking board that is growing very rapidly, as new members register every day. The conversations and topics range from the sublime and silly, to the sober and serious. If you miss the old spam and word games that used to take place on the NationStates forums, but has now been banned, you can check out the August Dominion forums, located here ( We have an active regional government that makes its headquarters on the forum. The government also has many openings for active nations willing to participate and further glorify the region.

What is the August Dominion Economy site like?
The August Dominion Economy site is a wonderful site that shows the vital statistics of every nation in the region. Information available includes Population, GDP, Tax Rate, Economy, and Government Type. It shows these statistics and more in a brilliant color display.

So please, join August Dominion today if you would like to participate in the great proceedings here.

Thank you

King _Susa_
Delegate and Founder: August Dominion
16-06-2004, 20:02
16-06-2004, 20:08
How did you get the economy thing?
17-06-2004, 00:06
How did you get the economy thing?

It is a secret. Maybe if you join August Dominion, you could find out.
Neo England
17-06-2004, 03:41
10 out of 10 for effort Susa, keep going, looking good.

And I know how you got that economy thing, dont worry, I wont share your secret :);)
17-06-2004, 23:02
10 out of 10 for effort Susa, keep going, looking good.

And I know how you got that economy thing, dont worry, I wont share your secret :);)

Ah, Thank you. I worked like an hour on this thing to get all the BB right. Yes, I guess that the economy thing will be our little secret :wink:
19-06-2004, 16:08