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Rise of a new power in nation states?

Sinn Feins Ireland
15-06-2004, 21:16
With the perhaps imminant demise of many invader organisations, who have been given an increasingly bad press, and have been subject to many deletions, and defenders who are running out of worthy, and not so worthy, adversaries to crush in the name of defence, who will step out of the gloom?
Its hard to imagine nationstates without such constant regional military campaigns, but what will appear in its place?
Neo England
15-06-2004, 21:38
despite the one sidedness, people will always try and invade in hope they get recognised
16-06-2004, 05:08
lol, so now we're at the stage we protest peace ? :)

Go figure ... :wink:

Might I add, " touch ' a ' my region, I slap ' a ' your nation ! " :D

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