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How do I lower Taxes?

11-06-2004, 11:47
I am sure this has been ansvered some where but I couldnt find any post so..

Taxes is killing my Nation! I just hit 68% and there seems to be no end.
I guess the problem steems from the issues I deal with every day and I understand that I could make cheaper choices, but..
Most issues is like "People drink to much do you a: spend billions on helping them or b) stand them against a wall and shoot them!!"
Its insane!
Now I have read that some nation has taxes on 11%! What there solutions? Deathcamps???
Unfree People
11-06-2004, 18:35
Yeah, you have to be pretty evil to lower taxes by a lot. Don't fund anything, don't give anyone any money, never pick issues where people are asking you to pay for something for them. It isn't too pretty, I had a nation with high civil and political liberties and 100% income tax, by the time I got the tax down to 50%, that was all gone.

This game is about extremes, though really, and it isn't meant to reflect real life. So yeah, that's basically it.
Tuesday Heights
11-06-2004, 18:36
You want to pick issue choices that WON'T be spending money. 9/10 of the issues you get will raise your taxes if you choose to add/improve/build on a particular choice.

Thus, stick with choices that spend the less money in regards to what the choice is to be.
13-06-2004, 14:57
Well if my choices are fascist or commie then I unfurl the red flag. But just to test the game...
"Secretary, issue a black dresscode for the Riksdag. I am planning a taxcut." :twisted:
Utopia Pacifica
14-06-2004, 05:12
or just dismis the ishues. It helps realy a lot to mantain a certain course of action in your nation
Revolutionary Change
14-06-2004, 05:48
I dismiss a lot of issues that they want money for. We have Average Civil Liberties, a Powerhouse economy, and Superb Pollitical Freedoms. My Civ Libs just went down b/c of the blasted censorship that was tied to allowing more guns. Some things like that make me hate NS *but not enough to quit :lol: *